Food by Bazza is a new concept in the food and hospitality world, brought to you by Barry Hancox and a team of collaborators. Barry has developed his passion for all things food and hospitality into a business in the Cotswolds, in the heart of England. Food by Bazza is a consultancy, a series of Pop up restaurants and event caterers/organisers. On the Food by Bazza blog Barry loves to share his food life with the world.

Barry Hancox has spent over 40 years in the industry he has loved since he first started working in it. His early days were spent in 5 star hotels in London, learning the trade and quickly working his way up to be House Manager at Duke’s Hotel in St James’s, before relocating to the Cotswolds nearly 30 years ago as Manager and then General Manager of the world famous Lygon Arms Hotel, then part of the Savoy Group, where he remained for over 15 years.

Since leaving The Lygon, Barry has owned and run two restaurants, helped to open a deli and worked as a consultant to others in the industry. Barry has an indefatigable passion for everything to do with food, being an excellent cook himself, as well as relentlessly high standards which, along with his local partners, he hopes to share with clients and guests with the launch of Food by Bazza.