Support where it matters, when it matters
With over 30 years of food industry experience, ranging from senior positions in the Savoy Group to running independent restaurants and hotels, we can help your business to run smoothly at those real crunch points.

Whether it’s support with opening a new restaurant, helping design and launch a new menu, finding and building a new team or staging a special event, our industry know-how can make your life easier.

Food by Bazza’s clients range from critically acclaimed restaurants and lovely country pubs to organisers of food festivals and private individuals staging special functions. We can help with:

  • New restaurants and hotel openings
  • Consultation on kitchen and restaurant design
  • Menu planning and development
  • Event and private party planning
  • Special supper and cocktail parties
  • Food innovation
  • Recruitment and staff development
  • Planning consultation with local authorities and other legal requirements
  • Marketing and PR advice