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Confessions first! I am addicted to food in all its forms. I love cooking and experimenting with new dishes. Of course, I love eating the stuff both in and out, with friends and family and occasionally, alone.

Restaurants are exciting places. I’m always up for trying new ones and visiting those I have often sampled. London, for me, is probably Food Capital of the World with New York running a close second.

Fortunately my passion ties in with my hospitality background with a career starting in some of London’s premiere hotels. We moved to the wonderful Cotswolds and Broadway to continue my career at The Lygon Arms. this was a great and memorable time, not least, as being part of The Savoy Group. since then I have started up two successful restaurants and most recently and currently involved in opening a deli in Cheltenham. I guess I particularly enjoy new start ups and the thrill of success.

Life continues and life brings new opportunities. A bit of blogging will give me an added opportunity to talk about life in general but mostly my food experiences, share some recipes and ideas and write objectively about restaurants.

I’d love to hear from you if you think I can help in anyway (barryhancox at gmail dot com). Please comment on hereĀ or email me if you’d like to be kept informed when I blog.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy (and cook!).


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