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Tom Rains
Tom Rains

Just a further little introduction.

I am currently managingĀ a deli. It’s called The Chef’s Pantry and its part of one of Cheltenham’s really ritzy, and I’ll explain that in a minute, restaurants.

Ritzy because it’s an Art Deco cinema conversion and its really a stunning property. Personally, and I accept a degree of bias, it’s exceptional for its classical service and its glorious food.

Now, there is some history here. Head Chef is a chap called Tom Rains. Tom has got a significant background, Mossiman, The Dorchester, The Savoy Group, but mostly significantly at The Lygon Arms in Broadway. This nipper, aged 15 at the time, was determined to make a career in catering. I am so pleased we employed him as an apprentice in those long gone days. Just look what he has turned out. You may well disagree but I believe that level of enthusiasm and career development is lacking nowadays. Anyway, he returned to his roots a few years ago and it’s very special for this old bloke to work with him again.

This old bloke has re-established this foodie stuff. Chiefly because I have the opportunity to cook (we serve fresh food!), to develop, to source new fabulous supplies and sample the product all day long. How awful is that?

Food is my inspiration. End of.

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