Relish The Streetkitchen

Its a pretty meaningless title, I know, but it sort of sums up my busy week and its been an interesting one.

Street Kitchen
Street Kitchen

Monday was a wickedly early start with a 6.30am train to London.

I had been asked to help out in preparation for a new restaurant opening.

Street Kitchen is already a well established and successful operation. It was conceptualised by two chefs, Jun Tanaka and Mark Jankel, who have a pretty respectable background in the industry. They operate two airstream vehicles in central London as well as ‘The Shop’ in Broadgate Circus, and the reason for my visit, ‘The Hatch’ in London Fields.

All operations have high quality, locally sourced ingredients for some very special street food dishes. Now you can also eat in at Broadgate Circus and London Fields.

Monday was a great day with an insight into the crazy last day before opening.

Following on from that – I have a great mate, Jezza, who is a renowned artist, who has been Artist in Residence at Windsor Castle, Goodwood, Aston Martin and amazingly the 2012 Olympic Games. His next major residency is with Sir Ben Ainslie at The Americas Cup.

Jeremy (Jezza) joined forces with another major player in the Cotswold food scene, Charlie Beldam of Cotswold Gold. Charlie produces a fabulous rapeseed oil and many derivatives. It really is a must have product and can be found in many outlets including Broadway Deli

They had 3 events or ‘Taste Talks’ this week to promote  their respective businesses. in my opinion its a brilliant combo of talent.

They were fortunate in having Relish Catering for food, 16 Ridges for some beautiful local wines and cider and of course a great display of Houghton art and Cotswold Gold. In fact the menu featured Cotswold Gold in each dish and even some Houghton Art in the final presentation.

The chief operators did a sterling job in pulling it all together but I must say the food was quite extraordinary and uniquely put together by Tobyn Excell and the team from Relish. If you have an event coming up I can’t recommend Relish highly enough.

So here is the menu and a few snaps from the evenings.

Taste Talk Dinner Series
Carrots & wild grass
Cotswold Gold Mayonnaise

Potatoes roasted on an open fire
Sixteen Ridges  Sparkling Rose

Scallop & Pigs Head
Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil

Pickled beef heart, walnuts
Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil
Curious Bacchus White

Wood blewit, juniper, savoury porridge
Fresh Rapeseeds and LinseedsCotswold Gold Mayonnaise
Sixteen Ridges Pinot Noir Early Red

Brill & cabbages, smoked Cotswold Gold
Smoked Rapeseed Oil, Rape Greens
Sixteen Ridges Pinot Noir White

Ox, treacle and beer
Once upon a Tree Kingston Redstreak Cider

Cotswold Blue, acorn, celery

Beeswax, quince, balsamic
Once upon a Tree Putley Gold Cider

Flight Study Sections
A serving inspired by the work of Jeremy Houghton

Dream Team. Tobyn Excell, Jeremy Houghton, Jess Cook of Silverball PR, Charlie Beldam, Rob Groves of Relish
Dream Team. Tobyn Excell, Jeremy Houghton, Jess Cook of Silverball PR, Charlie Beldam, Rob Groves of Relish

It was great to be involved with this dream team. Can’t wait until the next time!

Sad news: The Daffodil in Cheltenham has closed down

Good news: The Lygon Arms is under new ownership


4 thoughts on “Relish The Streetkitchen

  1. Barry thank you for help making the three evenings run so smoothly. You have mentioned all of us but anyone reading this and needing a front of house, Barry is definitely the one and only.

    What a fun few days it was. Thank you once again.


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