The Broadway Deli Q and A

The Broadway Deli
The Broadway Deli

Probably the busiest place in Broadway. If you have never been by any chance, you must.

I simply love this place and we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep. Alan and Louise, who own the place, have got a winning formula. Jeldo!

So I have spent some time with Louise asking questions about the success of the deli.

How did it all come about in the first place and why a deli?
It was always a dream of ours to create something of a cross between Selfridges Food Hall and I. Camisa in Soho

Why Broadway?
I’ve always had a family connection with Broadway. I had family living here and in Longborough. I suppose it was all down to a life changing event in our lives which prompted us do move. We first looked at property in Winchcombe but then the shop in the arcade became available in Broadway and it just seemed the natural thing to do.

Whats your background?
My last job in London was a Practice Manager in Harley Street. Alan had a lifetime experience in dealing with fruit and vegetables, which was his father’s and grandfather’s line of business. He spent a lot of time visiting Spitalfields wholesale market which, sadly, no longer exists.

You obviously enjoy your food
Yes, we both enjoy good food and, in particular, Italian food. We both strongly believe in ethically sourced food and are constantly researching new suppliers and discovering new food fads. And we are both vegetarians.

What do you put your success down to?
Amazing staff. We try and look after our staff in many ways by encouraging training and development in key area. Billy, who is one of our key staff and who has been with us for a long time, has developed fantastic barista skills and was recently entered in a national barista competition.

It seems you both work incredibly hard. If you had a choice what else would you like to do?
Its a lifestyle choice for us and, although it is hard work, we wouldn’t choose to do anything else.

How do you source your suppliers?
We spend a lot of time in London researching new food trends and ideas and suppliers. Not everything transfers satisfactorily from the urban environment of London to the village of Broadway but sometimes you have to try it.

What are your best selling products?
Without doubt the deli counter goods. So this includes our cold meats, freshly cooked products and cheese.

You stock some unusual products
Yes we have a vast range of herbs and spices, for example and with enough notice we can often obtain goods which are not on the shelves. We have a great range of own label pulses, nuts and dried fruits and there is always demand for these.

You have great dietary foods such as gluten free. Are they good sellers?
Yes you have to react to market demand and gluten free products are an important part. Staff are well trained in allergens to comply with recent legislation.

Do you and Alan enjoy cooking?
I do – but there is never much time

What does your free time involve doing?
We both enjoy walking and, as it is a lifestyle, and as i mentioned earlier, we spend a lot of time in London on days off, researching new food establishments

What’s your favourite place to eat/restaurant?
Mele e Pere in Soho. We love their style of Italian cooking. Its all about classic dishes with a contemporary style
Alan and I are both vegetarian and finding restaurants which cater for us can be a little challenging but we are particularly fond of Mildred’s Vegetarian Restaurant, again in Soho. They have a terrific vegetarian menu
In this area we love Indian food and, in particular, Prithvi in Cheltenham. The food is brilliant Indian. The rumour is that we will soon have a new Indian restaurant in Broadway, which is really good news.

Any development plans for the future?
We are currently looking for an additional member of staff in the kitchen. We want to continue the development of our eat-in menu. Ellie is our current Head Chef and joined us from The Feathered Nest and has already made some great additions to the menu.

Thanks Louise.

So what’s so special about The Broadway Deli? I guess it’s the great ambience and atmosphere. As Louise mentioned, the amazing staff. The eclectic selection of goods. The great food. It’s a great meeting place for some lunch, a coffee (or a glass of wine or craft beer!)










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