The Parlour Series – Take 1


So, the first of The Parlour Series events took place on Friday.

It was a great success mostly because of the audience participation and their general enthusiasm for the event.

On the evening, I announced that this was the trial run in a series that would help promote a new events company and Tom Rains was to be the lead chef. We are now planning future pop-ups and supper parties at a number of venues which will extend, hopefully, throughout The Cotswolds. I am so pleased that the first event was in my home town, Broadway, where we have received the most incredible support. Please ensure you sign up for further updates which will be coming later in the week. We would also be delighted if you would share this with friends and family.

Tom and I would also like to thank some great supporters who contributed enormously to the evening.

Martins Meats

The Bespoke Cheese Company

Cotswold Butter

I’m going to leave you with some great images of a fab evening.

Many thanks

Tom and Barry







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