I’ve always thought of Daylesford as the most extraordinary place. I recently started working there and it really is more extraordinary than you can possibly imagine.

As an employee, I suppose it’s evident right from the start, you begin to realise the ethics involved in this well oiled (organic of course!) machine. Employees are evidently much valued and nurtured in development and it’s not all about standard written material. It’s actually practised and straight away you experience becoming one big part of The Daylesford Family, like I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

Of course, organics are the vital part of this operation in every single detail. I’ll give you an example.

A customer asked for some white sugar for her coffee. I was told by another member of staff that white sugar is not produced organically and is not available in any part of the organisation.

I was given the opportunity to write this blog as I expressed surprised at the size of the operation which visitors rarely get to see.

At the onsite creamery, they produce milk, cream, yoghurt and a selection of cheeses, produced by the Head Cheesemaker, Peter Kindel, who comes from New York.

Peter Kindel Head Cheese Maker
Peter Kindel
Head Cheese Maker

The non-homogenised milk produced at the creamery is skimmed, semi skimmed and full fat and is used to produce cream, yoghurts, butter and buttermilk.

The great selection of cheese includes includes single and double Gloucester, Cheddar, Adelstrop and Bledington Blue, much of which is award winning and, of course, is all organically produced.


Adjoining the creamery is the bakery which produces a full range of varietal sour doughs together with amazing cakes and pastries, all of which are sold retail and in The Café and The Old Spot restaurant and the various other London based stores.

The market garden produces a selection of organic fruit, vegetables and herbs for use throughout the operation. I met Saskia from the market garden as she was delivering the latest retail selection of grow at home salads such as land samphire, ruby beets, salad mix and land cress. It’s a hugely busy time of year in the gardens as they prepare for production of a fruit and vegetable selection.

So we move on to The Black Barn production area which is situated some distance from the main property but is a really beautiful walk. Here you can find the Hansen and Lydersen Smoke Room where the very freshest salmon is cured in a traditional process. Whole hams are cured in the Charcuterie, eggs are sorted in the Egg Room and honey is produced in the Bee Room

Daylesford farm their own Cotswold and Kerry Gold sheep, Aberdeen Angus and Gloucester cows, Legbar chickens and very rare organically farmed venison on the beautiful pasture land surrounding. Pigs are organically farmed in Gloucestershire.

And so it goes on. There is a production kitchen where the farmed fruit and vegetables produced by Jez, Head Gardener are turned into the most delicious jams and preserves.

Preserve production
Preserve production

They also produce a wonderful selection of wines and ancillary products at Chateau Léoube in Provence.

I’m certain that after just one week of working at Daylesford, I have missed someone, something out but I will keep you updated. It’s an incredibly busy place to work but so much fun and good to be surrounded by such nice folk, team members and customers.




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