The Secret Garden Series – Simpson’s Fish and Chips and more


Well, what a fabulous evening that was!

Perfect food, wonderful company and idyllic venue. Thank you Simpson’s Fish and Chips, Barnbury, Robert Welch and everyone who came to the first in The Secret Garden Series. It really was a very special evening.

But that’s not it people……..

There is a lot more to come and this Thursday, 14th July the magic of Ellenborough Park and Head Chef, David Kelman comes to Barnbury with a superb menu.

Rosary Goats Cheese, Apple, Celery and Shallot Salad

Pan Fried King Scallop, Pea Puree, Pea Salsa and Crisp Air Dried Ham

Fillet of Hereford Cross Beef, Creamed Wild Mushroom Tartlet Parmesan and trufe potato, Asparagus, Red Wine jus

Iced Strawberry Parfait, Poached Cucumber, Pimms jelly

ellenborough park pic

So head over to Foodbybazza and make a reservation before its too late.



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