About last night……

So, it’s stunningly beautiful and it opens today!

I give you:

The Ivy Montpelier Brasserie


This is hugely welcomed in Cheltenham and much anticipated.

Last night was launch night and it was really such a pleasure to be there amongst some great friends. For a start off there were members of our lovely local blogging community, with which I am so pleased to be associated, as well as loads of industry mates and, well, just some very good friends.

Cheltenham Bloggers United

It was good we arrived early and had a great opportunity to properly see the breathtakingly gorgeous building before the crowds arrived. The interior design is impeccable, and in true brasserie style, reflecting the importance and historic nature of the Grade I building, as well as the town of Cheltenham itself.

We were met at the door by the ever amazing Jess from SilverBall PR, who is a master (or mistress???) at setting up these launch events.

Bazza and the ever amazing Jess Cook

The restaurant is well proportioned and spacious. The magnificent circular bar is set under the historic rotunda roof and is conveniently surrounded by restaurant and casual areas. Another interesting aspect is the entrance to the kitchen. You may know this was formally a Lloyds Bank Building and access to the kitchen is through a strong room door (kept open now).

The Rotunda roof

The stunning bar area

Private Dining Room – seating 24

The restaurant

Whilst we are still to eat there – the service, care and attention to detail by all the staff was exceptional, most importantly because they all seemed to care about what they were doing. The team is lead by Luc Morell who has a terrific CV, having previously been General Manager at The Greenway and The Feathers at Woodstock, also with time working at Buckland Manor. If you go, I’d love to hear what you think about it.

I’m sure The Ivy Montpellier Brasserie will be a huge success. Take a look at bookings, menus and lots of other information on their website.

Just another little thing. I made some interesting and delicious Filo Mince Pies before going to the party……

I won’t wish you a happy Christmas yet, as I’ll be doing another blog next week.


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