I’m Hooked!

I’ve been a big fan of the Fish Hotel since it opened a couple of years ago. Very importantly, it’s the most beautiful half hour walk from Broadway for a Sunday lunchtime pint!

Well, it has undergone a massive makeover and I was delighted to be invited to the opening night party.

The magic began before we even got into the venue. The surrounding trees were lit in the most dazzling way and you got the feeling you were in for a very special evening.

There have been lots of spectacular changes and additions to the property – with more to come in a couple of months. The Fish extends a welcome to all, including dogs and children. At present there is a kids playground, constructed entirely of wood from the estate, activities for adults including archery, segways and an all-terrain driving experience and a dog agility course is currently being created. Take a look here to discover what’s going on. New experiences in progress of development are awesome treehouses set remotely in the surrounding woods. They are also adding some hideaway huts, available from summer which feature an outdoor bath area!

A terrific variety of bedrooms on various parts of the estate have all been refurbished and refreshed.

So that’s outside……

The main draw for me is the overall relaxed and cosy comfort of the place, a selection of lounges and a very hospitable bar.

Clearly on this visit it was very busy and buzzy and it was great to hear so many positive comments about the hotel. The evening didn’t disappoint! I know that it’s taken some time to sort out the style of the restaurant but it’s now done and reflects the rest of the space, again, comfortable and relaxed and very beautiful with a spectacular view over the Cotswold Hills.

The restaurant has taken on a new concept under the direction of the Culinary Director, Martin Burge. I’m hoping that you’ve taken on board now that it is called Hook. The menu is significantly fish but don’t panic, there are meat and vegetarian options available as well. I confess I am yet to eat at Hook. I will add that the food offering at the party was pretty damn good.

Culinary Director, Martin Burge

and then there was gin……..

At the moment (and all will be revealed in due course!), I have a fascination for gin. Of course, it is currently hugely popular and there are literary hundreds of brands made in the UK. So it was great to see The Cotswold Distillery¬†making their very own version of gin and tonic. Now don’t be concerned. I didn’t drive home but I did enjoy several G & Ts!

Needless to say, the hospitality was truly exceptional with a bar full of other choices.

The Fish is such a great addition to the area and is certainly to be highly recommended as a great place to sleep, eat, drink and just have loads of fun!

What’s next for FoodbyBazza?

A first birthday party at Koj in Cheltenham – a great Japanese style restaurant.

Dinner at The Find in Cheltenham – another great new addition to the Cheltenham food scene.

Oh and before I sign off, I had yet another deliciously mouth watering lunch at The East India Cafe to celebrate Mother’s Day

……..and then, well its all about gin!


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