Behind Closed Doors

Happy memories on a return visit to Michael’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Chipping Campden.

We first moved to The Cotswolds just over 30 years ago and Michael’s, or Alexiou’s, as it was then known, was one of the first restaurants we got to know around here. In those days they encouraged the Greek tradition of plate smashing and a lot of dancing!

A little more recently (well a few of days ago), we went with a special group of friends, to celebrate the work of local artist, Jeremy Houghton.

I didn’t expect it to be such a revealing evening as first up included a viewing of a gorgeous new bed and breakfast, opened last year and designed by the lovely proprietor, Sarah Alexiou. The bedrooms are situated above the restaurant and are collectively named as Woolmarket HouseĀ . The rooms are truly beautiful, comfortable and full of the best amenities. If you visit the website you can see how Sarah has collaborated with some artistic and local suppliers in making the bedrooms so special and sparkling. Personally, the striking point of the rooms is the individuality and quirkiness of each room. As you may expect the cleanliness of the rooms is pristine. They also feature some of Houghton’s great works of art.












And then there was dinner and then there was Jeremy. Dinner was of its usual high standard and quality, starting off with a traditional “Mezedakia”, a selection of hot and cold Greek starters, followed by some delish main courses. I settled on a rich and soothing beef bourguignon and finished with a slice of Baklava. It was so like being back in lovely Crete – a long standing holiday destination for me and the family.


Jeremy talked about his fascinating career to date with some insights into his residencies which include HM The Queen at Windsor Castle, 2012 Olympic Games, Wimbledon, Ben Ainslie Racing and The America’s Cup among many others. You can read about his various residencies here.

Jeremy is a fabulous raconteur and it’s just so interesting to hear him tell the many stories of his encounters and conversations with some pretty impressive connections (H.M. The Queen for example!). Jeremy’s art variance contributes massively to the quality of his work which include countryside events, sporting achievements, the royal households, war veterans and of course, his famous flamingos with origins from his past career in Africa.

Chasing Shadows
Bond in The Highlands
Dizzy Heights
Woolly Bottoms
Andy Murray
Windsor Castle
The Last of the Few








So, if you need a great place to stay, eat great food and enjoy Jeremy Houghton’s great artwork, this is the place!



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